Sharyn T. Sooho, divorce lawyer and author



Attorney Sooho grew up wanting to do something significant. She chose family law after graduating from Boston University School of Law and has had the privilege of representing hundreds of men and women for over 40 years in the Probate and Family Courts around the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In 1994 Attorney Sooho wanted to give her clients a plain English explanation of family law in a hard copy newsletter she and her staff produced every month. They quickly realized that with the advent of the World Wide Web they could disseminate the information more frequently without the necessity of printing and mailing thousands of copies each month.
By May 1995, Attorney Sooho had one of the first online legal websites, followed by the publication of the first of three editions of her book, “How to File for Divorce in Massachusetts.”

Attorney Sooho remains committed to delivering solid legal advice and services with sensitivity and empathy. She believes in the importance of social justice in the tradition of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis, for whom her alma mater, Brandeis University, is named.